Can’t keep up for the Christmas tree? Opt for a modified Audi RS 6 Avant. She broke a crazy record – Nach Welt

The Audi RS 6 Avant, modified by the tuning company Hennessey, surpassed the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which set an insane speed record for it. He carried a Christmas tree on the roof.

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the question of which car is best for transporting Christmas trees. At the Texan company Hennessey Performances are clear. It is a modified Audi RS 6 Avant. The fast upper-class model tuned by this company has become the fastest station wagon in the world with a Christmas tree on the roof.

In the speed experiment, the car with an eight-cylinder fork tuned by Hennessey Performance attacked up to 800 PS (597 kW) with a tree on the roof at a speed of 294.5 km / h! He broke the previous record that kept the tuned Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk at 1,000 PS (746 kW). In 2019 he drove a Christmas tree on the roof at 291 km / h.

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Driving at top speed with the Christmas tree on the roof has become a Christmas tradition at Hennessey Performance. This year’s record attempt was started with a Porsche 911 Turbo S. However, the private car of the company’s founder and its managing director John Hennessey with 750 PS (559 kW) proved to be unsuitable for this task. With a tree on the roof it was an incredible 30 miles / h slower than without.

Hennessey So he looked for another suitable vehicle for this experiment, while the choice fell on his wife’s car, the recently modified Audi RS 6 Avant, which again scored points. Incidentally, without a tree on the roof, this station wagon even drove at a speed of 330 km / h. “Who needs a reindeer when your wife has an eight-horse sleigh?” laughs John Hennessey.

By the way, the car got a special exhaust system. A professional racing driver and instructor, Spencer Geswein, got behind the wheel during a record drive.

Incidentally, the record run took place as part of the high-speed tests of the upcoming Venom F5 Hypersports. Braking, tire and aerodynamic skills were tested at speeds of up to 400 km / h before a planned attempt to exceed 482 km / h (300 mph) in early 2022. Hennessey Performance acts primarily as a tuning tuner, but also has its own models. Gift F5 with its own technical basis follows Venomu GT from 2011, built on the basis of Lotus Elise.


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