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Altroconsumo has compiled the ranking of the best panettones of the year 2021 with a view to Christmas and analyzes the cheapest quality products available to buy.

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The best panettone of 2021 costs only 5 euros: yes: Altroconsumo’s ranking speaks for itself. There is only one product that has passed all the necessary tests and taken first place. Among the 12 brands examined, the winner convinced the jury for its excellent price-performance ratio. What is it.

Best panettone to buy in the supermarket in 2021: the award-winning brand

As every year, the protagonists are on the Italians’ Christmas tables Pandoro und Panettone. In many variations, quality, they will satisfy everyone in between traditional recipes and more exotic variants. About the, Other consumption 12 panettones sampled under the big brands found in a laboratory test in the supermarket. The aim was to identify the best panettone of 2021, not just in terms of quality and quality, but also for Convenience. The ranking is based on:

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  • Tasting test by an expert jury;
  • correct and complete information on the exhibition label;
  • Laboranalysis;
  • Tasting by consumers.

The laboratory analysis served to determine the amount, but above all the Quality of the ingredients (such as eggs, butter, yeast) or to detect bacteria or mold. Let’s see the ranking of the best and cheapest products to buy for Christmas 2021.

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The best and cheapest panettone of 2021

To recognize a good panettone, you need to pay attention to the following: aroma, texture, color, shape and alveolation. The smell of a good panettone has to be balanced aromatic, with hints of orange, butter and vanilla, while the soft consistency, with a golden yellow color. The shape must be rounded (a sign of the right sourdough), almost arched and theelongated and homogeneous alveolation. Let’s take a look at Altroconsumo’s ranking and the best panettones of 2021:

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  1. Maina, the best panettone of the year for € 5.32;
  2. Vergani of Milan, 13.95 euros;
  3. Coop classic panettone, € 5.12;
  4. Bauli classic panettone, € 5.75;
  5. Galup of classic panettone, € 16.40;
  6. Motta original Panettone, € 6.34;
  7. Tre Marie Panettone Milanese (gewinnt den first place as the best Pandoro in 2021), 10,65 Euro;
  8. Giovanni Cova and C. Classic Panettone, 12.90 euros;
  9. Loison klassischer Panettone, € 13.10;
  10. Conad Panettone classic recipe, 3.59 euros;
  11. Balocco der Panettone, € 3.49;
  12. Paluani Soft Panettone classic recipe, 4.73 euros.

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