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When you’ve watched Aranyak‘You would remember how many people thought Govind was the culprit. The attention didn’t hurt the actor, the Dane Iqbal, who is happy about the feedback on his appearance on the Netflix show. Starring Raveena Tandon, Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Ashutosh Rana, Aranyak is a thriller with mystical elements.

In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.comThe Dane said the main reason he said yes to the show was because of the “all-star cast”. And although he had doubts where he would stand among such outstanding actors, reading the script helped him make the decision.

“I’ve been busy with academics and the pandemic has made things slow. When Aranyak approached me, I was blown away by the script and cast. It’s also a nice, simple, but exciting story. I was also told that the fans love the fact that there is no vulgarity and that they can watch a thriller with their family. I think that’s the USP of this show aside from the story, ”he shared.

While details about the co-stars made him excited, the actor confessed that he was also nervous about how he was going to keep up with them. When seeing Raveena Tandon For the first time, he left him in awe when he revealed he has been Parambrata’s fan since seeing him in Kahaani. “Although I was eager, there was also a responsibility that I had to live up to. Since I studied acting, I understand these pressures and have been trained to deal with such situations. I’ve been fortunate to work with such talented actors. As you know in my first film, A Mighty Heart, I had to share the screen space with Angelina Jolie.“

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Since Iqbal studied drama and now even teaches, we asked him about the difference between theory and practice when it comes to the craft. With a big smile he said, “When you get into the field, you may find that all of the book knowledge doesn’t help. However, if you keep working you will understand that it has value. It strengthens your core and subconsciously helps you improve your skills. After studying acting in Delhi and London for years, I am happy and proud today that it helps me to perform better. “

While he couldn’t reveal much about what he’s filming, the The Suitable Boy actor confirmed that he will be part of Hansal Mehta’s next Faraaz. Danish announced that it was a “killer film” and said that times have changed when films were only about one actor. “Today it’s more about characters. And if you’re good at your job, even being in a scene can make you stand out, ”he added.

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Aranyak producer Siddharth Roy Kapur recently announced the show’s second season. And while the Dane Iqbal claimed he had no idea about it, he hopes his character Govind will be retained in the next chapter.


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