Angry customers berate Woop after Christmas dinner boxes fail to appear – archyde

Furious Woop customers who haven’t received the Christmas dinner delivery box they paid hundreds of dollars for must head off in search of a feast for the guests.

Instead of a stress-free Christmas dinner, you are forced to have your meal at the last minute at one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Woop’s Facebook page has been inundated with customers who either didn’t get their delivery or who said the food wasn’t enough to feed the number of people they claimed.

A customer who did not want to be named said she did not receive her $ 349 Woop Christmas box to feed six to eight people. It was due on Thursday between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Friday wasn’t there by Friday.

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She managed to get someone on the woop phone line who said the boxes were all sold out and none were available.

She was promised a refund and was told that she was being processed even though the money had not yet been credited to her account.

“It’s not a problem for us, but I can imagine that it could be the same for some people.

“I’m literally going to the supermarket now, hoping not to have to feed people cheese on toast.”

She said she felt awful for the people who answered the phone who were dealing with a large number of very grumpy customers.

“There will be a lot of people out there who can’t afford to buy new things or who had planned this box because they went away on Boxing Day and didn’t want a fridge full of leftovers.”

Adding to the frustration was the lack of communication from the company, such as an email apologizing and explaining what had happened.

“I think the woop team is hiding,” she said.

Another customer also called for a statement from the company, saying in a Facebook post that “some kind of logistical nightmare was clearly going on behind the scenes, so please be kind to the person answering the phone as they did not cause this ! !! “

things asked Woop for a comment.

Other customers who posted on Woop’s Facebook page had also missed their prepaid boxes and complained about the company’s lack of communication.

Some of those who received their order posted photos of stale or spoiled food.

Owner Thomas Dietz started woop (World in Our Place) in 2015, one of the competitors of My Food Bag, which started in 2013. Woop offered quick gourmet semi-finished meals that were delivered to your home.

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