Amazing shots of Comet Leonard through an aurora and a meteor shower – archyde

On its way through our solar system, a Chinese satellite discovered Comet Leonard through auroras.

Yangwang 1 is a small Chinese satellite from Origin Space that was launched in June 2021 and searches the universe around our planet for near-Earth asteroids. It’s looking for asteroids that could be mined for resources, with Origin Space hoping to capture a small asteroid in 2025.

Since the beginning of its orbit, the satellite has captured many images of aurora borealis and meteors and is now capturing the brightest comet of the year, Comet Leonard (formerly known as C / 2021 A1). Comet Leonard came closest to Earth on December 12 and will pass the closest sun on January 3, 2022 before disappearing for the next 80,000 years.

In the footage from the satellite, you can see the comet and its bright tail roam through an aurora while meteors and other satellites fly in the same field of view.


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