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It’s the Christmas season that always brings seemingly endless repetitions of Love really on the box.

While many of us have watched Richard Curtis’ romcom enough times to know all of the words, including the ones on Andrew Lincoln’s sloppy posters, few know the highly emotional story of an older lesbian couple who landed on the cutting room floor.

The relationship existed between the headmistress (Anne Reid) of the school of Karen’s (Emma Thompson) son and her terminally ill partner Geraldine (Frances de la Tour).

The audience should see a moving scene in which the two argue about their different tastes in fancy sausages and show a wicked sense of humor before cuddling up at night.

Later, during a school meeting, it is learned that Geraldine died shortly before Christmas.

There are only straight couples in the definitive form of love, and many wish Curtis had kept this short but touching subplot.

“I’m really sorry to lose this,” says the director on the DVD’s bonus material.

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“The idea should be that you just run into this very strict headmistress, but later in the movie we suddenly fell in love with her and you realize that no matter how unlikely it seems, every character you come across in life has theirs own complicated love story. “

This article was originally published in December 2016

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