The Brzobohatý Chef’s Disgust: Táňa Strikes Back! – To world

Everything was on the right track. Tatana Kucharova (33) and her husband Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý (38) made a joint statement on social networks about the breakdown of their relationship. But then the model found out what Ondřej was telling the media. And as a bonus for Tána, there were photos of her husband and lover Zuzana Pilná (30).

According to Ondřej’s words from Tuesday’s interview for the Showtime show, he and Taťána haven’t lived in half a year and they both had their own lives. That was a big surprise for the model. “All I can say is that we only ended our relationship for good yesterday and I will file for divorce. What I learned from the media surprised and surprised me, and of course it is a great disappointment for me in the person I trusted. “ said the blonde on Wednesday.

Kuchařová’s statement on the separation from Brzobohatý: I was recently renewed a marriage vows!

According to the model’s speech, it seems that Brzobohatý found his mistress while he was still living with Taťána. And finally, it was he who suggested the Cooks go their separate ways. And he obviously had a clear reason for that.

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