The average number of corona cases is falling again | Domestic – to the world

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) received 13,400 reports of positive tests between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. That is a little more than on the previous days, but significantly lower than last Thursday. At that time, more than 16,000 infections had been confirmed.

Lowest number of new cases since November 12

In the past seven days, RIVM registered 91,728 new cases. That is the lowest level since November 12, more than a month ago. On average, that’s 13,104 positive tests per day. This average goes down for the eighteenth day in a row.

Amsterdam had 752 new cases last day, Rotterdam 597 and The Hague 398. This is followed by Eindhoven (295), Utrecht (277), Haarlem (212) and Almere (208). Nobody tested positive in four communities.

Last day, RIVM received a message that 40 people had died as a result of their corona infection. For a Thursday, that’s the lowest number in about a month. Among the dead are seven people from Rotterdam and six people from Rheden in Gelderland. Just because their deaths were now reported doesn’t mean they died on the last day.

In the past seven days, 313 deaths were recorded, an average of nearly 45 per day. This is the lowest level since November 25th.

2221 more corona patients in Dutch hospitals

The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has continued to decline in the past 24 hours. According to the latest figures from the National Coordination Center for the Dissemination of Patients (LCPS), 2,221 people with Covid-19 are currently in a hospital bed. That is 34 less than on Wednesday.

Nursing staff in the nursing departments are currently treating 1,657 corona patients, seventeen fewer than on Wednesday. 162 new corona patients were admitted to the clinics, but as more and more people left the wards, the occupation declined.

The daily number of new admissions of corona patients has been falling for some time. For comparison: around two weeks ago, between 200 and 350 new people with Covid-19 were admitted to a care unit every day.

On Thursday, 564 corona patients will be in the intensive care unit, also a decrease of seventeen patients compared to 24 hours earlier. 25 new people were admitted to intensive care units with Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Because more people died or were allowed to leave the departments, the occupation declined.

The omikron variant of the virus could transform the reduction in hospital occupancy. “We are closely monitoring the effects of the omikron variant on infection rates,” said the LCPS. “The impact on hospital numbers is still unclear, but the influx of new patients is expected to pick up again in January 2022.”

There are currently 19 Dutch corona patients in German hospitals.

In order to distribute the pressure on the hospitals as much as possible, corona patients can be divided into different regions. On Wednesday, seven people were relocated to another region and one was brought to Germany.

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