Philippe Coutinho has sent a clear Barcelona message after a £ 55m deal in Man City – To the world

Barcelona’s agreement to sign Ferran Torres from Manchester City has raised questions about Philippe Coutinho’s future.

In a deal set to be valued at £ 55million before the January transfer window, the 21-year-old Spanish striker is set to leave City after arriving from Valencia for just £ 20million in the summer of 2020.

The Catalan club’s financial troubles have been well documented this summer, with their sizeable payroll being the reason for Lionel Messi’s departure to PSG.

However, Barcelona have since received investments through a bank loan so they can raise the cash for the transfer fee – but former Liverpool-based Coutinho may still be on the way.

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Despite Sergio Agüero’s early retirement due to a heart condition, Barcelona are likely to have to downsize their squad further to comply with La Liga financial rules.

That brought earlier ones Llverpool Hero Coutinho’s prospects at Camp Nou are in doubt given the sizeable wages he’s earned since moving from £ 142million in 2018.

Coutinho , whose current contract expires in 2023, was a regular at Xavis Barcelona but has not recaptured the lead role expected of him after such a high-profile deal.

The ex-Red has been tentatively linked to a return to the Premier League by various outlets, but Barcelona fans have already made their feelings clear on Twitter before the transfer market reopens next month.

@CheGiaevara: If they fail to move great players (Coutinho, Dembélé for starters), which was previously a big problem at Barcelona, ​​I can’t see how they can register Ferran Torres for LaLiga at the moment. It seems like a strange form of Russian roulette is being played.

@ OrigenCule1899: Apparently Ferran Torres is going to be a new Barça player. What appeals to me the most are still the exits. A sale from Lenglet, Coutinho or Umtiti !!

@BalonoBarbarie: What makes you even more excited that Ferran Torres is coming or that Coutinho and Umtiti will no longer be appointed to Barça? It is necessary to release the salary mass in order to register the signatures. Let’s start 2022 well, please.

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@Asorix: Little explanation that is very popular why 55m is not that expensive on Torres. Annual salary costs for Coutinho and Umtiti: 44 million euros. You both fire, you’re more than good in the short and medium term lol

@CruyffistaDNA: Barça have to sell to register Ferran Torres and if the club have made this financial effort it is because they expected and planned sales for this winter. Lenglet Umtiti Coutinho Dest Luuk De Jong etc

@plerratta: With the renewal of Dembele below and the safe exits from Demir and Luuk de Jong + the possible exits from Coutinho and Umtiti, there will be no problem registering Ferran Torres.


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