Ohio GOP Governor Mike DeWine signs abortion law – archyde

Senate Act 157 also requires physicians to report cases of live babies born alive after an abortion procedure and prohibits abortion clinics from working with physicians who are “directly or indirectly attending a medical school or state university or college teach or give instructions to affiliated osteopathic medical school ”. … any state hospital or other public institution. “

The bill had passed legislature along the party lines, with Republicans backing the measure and Democrats opposing it.

Republican Senator Terry Johnson, who supported the law, thanked DeWine After signing the bill, “To stand up for Ohio’s newborn babies and to protect life at its most vulnerable,” he added, “Every child, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, deserves our compassion and care.”

Opponents have argued that such measures limit access to abortion by threatening health care providers. In the United States, it is already considered a homicide to intentionally kill a live-born child.

“Right now we are at a crisis point for access to abortion in Ohio and across the country. Anti-abortion politicians are committed to burying abortion providers under so many TRAP laws that providing and accessing basic health care for Ohioans becomes an obstacle course, ”said Kersha Deibel, CEO of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region, at one Explanation Wednesday criticized the new law and vowed to “keep fighting”.
A similar “born alive” abortion law was passed in neighboring Kentucky in January came into force without Signature of Democratic Governor Andy Beshear.

Disputes over abortion rights came to the fore as the Supreme Court separately challenged Roe v Wade’s landmark decision to legalize abortion nationwide.


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