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“Too much good taste can be boring,” say the costume designers behind it Emily in Paris described the outfit choice of her leading actress.

Well, they kept to that motto in season 2 of the Netflix-Serie, which has just started. Little has changed from what we first saw of Emily Cooper. Emily, played by Lily Collins, is a white American girl who moves to Paris to work for a French marketing company – without knowing a word of French, of course.

Ignorance aside, Emily’s horrible take on French style was what really infuriated fashion fans. Instead of effortlessly, she gave us extra (and not in a good way). She wore animal prints, contrasting colors, bucket hats and berets – often all at once. Her Eiffel Tower blouse was extremely sticky.

That was kind of the point, as costume designer Patricia Fields revealed. “She wants to impress”, she said. The abusive blouse mentioned above was “a nod to their excitement about being there – it was a cliché on purpose”.

Fields is the same woman who styled the shows Sex and the City and The devil Wears Prada, so it’s not like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. In fact, she knows all too well that bad taste is everywhere and even more celebrated today. Therefore a old-fashioned Characters like Emily Cooper are at the center of the hit Netflix TV show, rather than one of the well-dressed characters that surrounds her (Hello, Camille!).

If you look over it, you can see that the fashion pieces in your wardrobe are not, on their own, objectively repulsive. We introduce some must-haves to shop now and how to dress them up with flair.

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