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ARRESTED: Actor Devin Ratray, best known for his role as “Buzz” in the “Alone at Home” films.

Alone at Home actor Devin Ratray was arrested on Wednesday on charges of strangling his girlfriend.


Less than 3 hours ago

The actor is known from both “Alone at Home” and the sequel “Alone at Home 2”, where he plays the character “Buzz” – the big brother of the main character Kevin McCallister.

He was arrested on Wednesday in the city of Oklahoma and charged with strangling his girlfriend in early December.

A representative from the Oklahoma Police Department confirms this Fox News that the 44-year-old reported to the police before he was released on bail of $ 25,000.

The acts of violence accused of him are said to have occurred in early December. Back then, Ratray and his girlfriend were at the OKC Pop Christmas Convention in Oklahoma and the actor was loudly one of the highlights Deadline.

Dispute over autographs

According to several American media outlets, the couple started quarreling in a bar after Ratray’s girlfriend gave autograph cards to two fans without asking for money.

The argument later continued in the couple’s hotel room, ending with Ratray strangling and beating his girlfriend.

According to Fox News Ratray’s girlfriend is said to have told the authorities that her boyfriend had a bottle of wine and ten syringes of alcohol before the start of the dispute.

It’s the local news channel KFOR has been given access to the report on the course of events. According to the report, the friend is said to have had several bruises under one eye, on the upper lip and on the arm after the violence.

It is currently unclear how Ratray will react to the allegations.

Although he is best known from the “Alone at Home” films, Ratray also had roles in many films and series as an adult – including the series “Law & Order”, “Russian Doll” and the film “Hustlers”.

“Alone at Home” was chosen as this year’s Christmas film by the VG readers on Tuesday – you can read the case here.


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