Highlights De Warmste Week: Yvonne from Rumst wins Merkel painting, presented by Wouter Beke himself – Nach Welt

Whoever wanted to win the painting of Angela Merkel by Minister Wouter Beke had to take part in the SMS auction of De Warmste Week. Yvonne from Rumst was the lucky winner. She got the work on her doorstep from Minister Beke himself: a big surprise.

“It’s nice to win something like that,” replies Yvonne. “Of course, because I know Mr. Beke from television, that’s something special. come give me not inside? “

Yvonne does not yet know where the painting will be placed. “I can’t go to the toilet because it’s full, but I can find space,” it sounds. “I think it’s very clean, congratulations on your painting.” “And thank you for supporting De Warmste Week,” said Beke.


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