“He told Italians things that didn’t come true”

“I worry that we told the Italians things that didn’t come true.” Professor Andrea Crisanti, director of the microbiology laboratory at the University of Padua, puts it this way in L’aria che tira.

“The green pass for a year with vaccine, which lasts 6 months, was nonsense. The adaptation of the Green Pass to the duration of the vaccine comes close to the appearance of a measure in the area of ​​public health, ”he says, dwelling on the hypothesis of the measures to be taken include the Omicron variant. .

“We told the Italians we would have herd immunity in September when it was clear in June that the vaccine would last 6 months. I am concerned that we have said things to the Italians that have not come true, we have issued a green passport that “is absolutely incompatible with the epidemiological reality. We cannot say ‘in September we will have herd immunity’ and ‘the green passport protects’, that has an impact on credibility, ”he adds.

The rapid smear corresponds to a public need, not a health need. The reliability in identifying positive results is between 50 and 70%, with self-smear it is even worse. If you want to be sure, cut down on your contacts. And take a molecular swab just in case


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