Fiat Uno definitely says goodbye to the Ciao farewell edition – Nach Welt

37 years later, production of the small Fiat Uno in the Brazilian plant ends. The model says goodbye to the edition with an unmistakable name.

The Fiat Uno has been manufactured in the car manufacturer’s Brazilian plant in Betim for 37 years. Now it’s time for the final farewell, which is underlined by the 250-part edition of Uno Ciao.

Fiat Uno Ciao is a border with an exclusive Silverston Gray paint in combination with dark painted 14-inch wheels and black mirrors. The model name is accompanied by an Italian tricolor, the side panels have a special sticker with the text La Storia Di Una Leggenda, translated as Story of a Legend. Interestingly, the official press release also mentions the black painted roof and rear spoiler, although we don’t see such elements in the pictures.

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The interior is also kept in a dark design that combines various gray and black tones. There are also numbered plaques to let you know which limited production piece you bought. The equipment includes air conditioning, a Bluetooth audio system, armrests, electric windows or split folding rear seats.

The vehicle is only available with the 1.0 FireFly Evo engine, which combines a five-speed manual transmission and spins the front wheels. The limited edition costs 328,000 CZK. When presenting the new product, Fiat’s South America boss Herlander Zola emphasized that 4,379,356 units of this model had been built in the Brazilian factory since 1984.

The Ur-Uno was introduced in 1983, underwent a facelift six years later and production in Italy was discontinued in 1995. The Punto and Palio models became the successors in the smaller city car segment, but the Uno remained in selected markets. The current and final was launched in 2010 and has undergone two facelifts over the years. The last piece will leave the factory this year.


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