Covid vaccine: Ecuador declares compulsory anticovid vaccination

Ecuador, the seventh Latin American country with the most deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic, declared compulsory anticovid vaccination due to the presence of the Omicron variant, reported this Thursday the Ministry of Health.

“In Ecuador, vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory,” the ministry said in a statement.

Anticovid immunization will not be mandatory for people who have any medical contraindication, for which they must present a certificate, he added.

The Ministry of Health argued that the decision to declare compulsory anticovid vaccination in the country is part of the Constitution, which establishes that health is a right that the State must guarantee.

The Organic Health Law states that the Executive has the power to “declare the mandatory nature of immunizations against certain diseases, under the terms and conditions that the national and local epidemiological reality requires, “said that secretariat.

69% of the 17.7 million inhabitants have received the complete two-dose vaccination scheme. What’s more, 900 thousand people have applied the third booster dose.

To combat the increase in cases after the detection of the Omicron variant A week ago, Ecuador imposed the presentation of the vaccination card to enter public events, restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas and theaters. It also reduced the capacity in those spaces to 50%.



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