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The controversial Czech rapper Leo Beránek makes himself known again. The 31-year-old rebel in Pankrác is serving a six-year prison sentence for assaulting several people, including a disabled man. During his stay behind bars, he managed to use his cell phone to shoot a video clip that he published a few days ago. He is now being punished for using banned electronics behind bars.

And who is Leo Beránek? A young man who participated in the Hotel Paradise reality show. Then he tried to establish himself as a singer. In 2013, the worst singer in Zlatý David’s poll won the award. Then, after getting the anti-award, he kicked a random man on the street.

“We are currently investigating it is not closed yet. Now we’re working on how he got on the phone and whether someone helped him. ” specified for Prison Service Spokesman Markéta Prunerová.

Beránek faces disciplinary proceedings for breaking the rules. “Punishment is not in itself a severe punishment, but the moment the person seeks parole or other benefit, it can be very difficult for them to appeal.” Prunerová added for

The court sent Thai amateur boxer and rapper Leo Beránek to six years in prison for assaulting several people, including a disabled man, in October 2019. Beránek was upset that he had been convicted of a similar act in the past. He faced up to 12 years in prison for aggravated bodily harm, threats with weapons and repeated rioting. Today’s verdict is not final, the man denies guilt. He completely denied two cases and said in the third that he was defending a girl who was attacked by a drug dealer.

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The first attack occurred on May 1, 2018 in the center of Prague in front of Club Ateliér, where Beránek had a drink with friends until morning. First he hit another man on the head again, and when his juice tried to get off his knees, the assailant kicked him in the face, causing the man to immediately pass out and fall on the sidewalk. Street cameras captured the incident in which the lamb broke his jaw and gave his opponent a concussion. According to Beránek, the kick was an automatic reaction that he had learned from Thai boxing that he couldn’t stop.

According to the verdict, the second attack occurred five days later in a park in Lhotka, Prague. The lamb is said to have pushed his peer on crutches off the bench. He then allegedly hit a young man who was defending the victim with a telescopic baton and threatened another of the supporters to shoot him with a dog. He aimed his gun at the animal and pulled the trigger, but the pistol did not fire.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, 4:49 pmCream

Rapper Leo Beránek will be jailed for six years with guards for attacking several people, including a disabled man. That was decided by the Prague Supreme Court today. He rejected the appeal of a Thai amateur boxer and convicted him of aggravated assault, …

Beránek described this part of the allegation as a trap set by dealers and drug users. They feared that he would tell them that they had given him substandard meth a few days ago. He admitted to walking into the park with his friend and three of his acquaintances, but refused to be armed and attack anyone. He said he only argued with those present.

At the time, in his closing speech, he stated that the police were prejudiced against him. “I am a public figure and the media has handled my infamous advertising in the past as much as the media can.” he defined.


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