Bergen record athlete of the week: Connor Roche, Westwood – archyde

Connor Roche has a rule in his house for his buddies.

Do not touch his glove.

“My glove is my precious possession, when my friends try to touch it, I’m like ‘gone’,” said Roche of his three-tone Rawlings Heart of the Hide model. “I treat it like a child.”

Roche, a senior at Westwood, took off his kid gloves last week and led the Cardinals basketball team to a grand opening win.

While Roche has a penchant for baseball, the 6-foot-3 guard has a growing relationship with basketball. It was one of the first sports he played in his childhood, and he was a freshman and sophomore with the Cardinals.

Last year, however, Roche decided to skip basketball to stay in shape for baseball season, but when they started putting the hoops back down and putting away the batting cages, he was ready.

“My parents wanted me to play again, my friends wanted me to play and I thought it was a good decision because I had a good second year,” said Roche [Rob] Carcich is great to me and has done a great job since he’s been here. “

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