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It is clear to all of us: the faster we get this booster shot, the better we are protected against the advancing omikron variant. Now that the green light has been given for a shorter waiting time between vaccinations, there is no longer any reason to get the third vaccination quickly. This is why vaccination centers across Flanders decided at the last minute to have these vaccinations between Christmas and New Years. Read here how it will work in your community and put yourself on the reserve list QVAX.

Are we safe with the booster shot? This is what virologist Steven Van Gucht says:

The vaccination center of First-Line-Zone Noorderkempen During the Christmas holidays, an additional 6,000 injections will be added to the scheduled injections in Brasschaat. “From next week we will be structurally upscaling,” says Cindy De Roeve, chairwoman of the Primary Care Zone, to which the communities belong. Brasschaat, Kapellen, Wuustwezel, Essen und Kalmthout Fallen.

Following the example of many vaccination centers in Flanders, the Impf center in Grobbendonk organize an extra day of booster injection. These additional recordings will be made on Monday, December 27th, for residents of Herentals, Herenthout, Vorselaar, Grobbendonk, Olen, Kasterlee and Lille.

It was intended Impfzentrum RupeLaar closed until Tuesday, January 4th. But the massive number of registrations of residents of Aartselaar, Hemiksem, Niel, Schelle, Boom und Rumst on the QVAX reserve list, means that they will also be selected during the Christmas holidays. “The vaccination center will be open on three additional days: Thursday, December 23, 2021, Monday, January 3 and Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Additional booster vaccinations are also planned on the other days of the first week of January.”

Primary care zone Klein-Brabant Vaartland accelerate. “We want to have all of our booster vaccinations by the end of the Christmas break,” says Dr. Ann-Marie Morel, responsible for the vaccination campaign in Puurs-Sint-Amands, Bornem und Willebroek. “That’s why we’re planning three days in Puurs-Sint-Amands and one in Willebroek between Christmas and New Year.”

30,000 booster shots have already been fired in Ostend, but the campaign will continue next week. © Benny Proot

Im Vaccination center in Ostendwhere residents of Ostend and Middelkerke more than 30,000 booster vaccinations have already been vaccinated. The center was originally supposed to close between Christmas and New Years, but now it stays open on December 28th and 30th. Register for this at qvax.be.

Vaxpo will close the doors over the Christmas holidays but make sure everyone over 18 in Kortrijk, Harelbeke and Kuurne Received their booster vaccinations at the end of January. An expansion of the vaccination center and more and longer vaccination days should get the job done, even without opening an additional day during the Christmas holidays.

The residents of Ypern, Heuvelland, Houthulst, Langemark-Poelkapelle, Lo-Reninge, Mesen, Poperinge, Vleteren und Zonnebeke can take a picture during the Christmas holidays. The vaccination center in the First-Line-Zone Westhoek Include a booster jab tag on Wednesday December 29th. “We will then test what we have in stock,” says Sarah Bouton, program manager for the vaccination center in the Westhoek primary care zone. “We asked how many vaccines we could get, but it turned out that it was only enough for an extra day.”

The De Warande vaccination center is open for a few days at the end of the year. © Didier Verbaere

Good news for the residents of Wetteren, Wichelen, Melle, Merelbeke, Laarne, Lochristi und Destelbergen. The vaccination centers in Wetteren and Wachtebeke will continue to use booster vaccinations for a few days between Christmas and New Year. Both centers were initially closed, but the further development of the omikron variant resulted in the ELZ Scheldt Force don’t waste your time. The primary care zone estimates that approximately 2,000 people will be able to receive a booster vaccination during the end of the year. “We can also use this moment to address people from elementary school and childcare,” says Peter Dendoven, Scheldekracht program manager.

The vaccination center of Tongeren also closed between Christmas and New Year, but has reconsidered its decision as the omikron variant is on the rise. December 28th is the deadline and the next urgent call for the residents of Tongeren, Voeren and Herstappe: puts you on the reserve list. “After all, we have fewer than 200 people on the QVAX reserve list. That’s not enough to fill that extra day of injection, ”says Luc Hendrix of the ZOLim primary care zone.

This woman goes to the Brabanthal in Leuven in the right outfit for her booster.

This woman goes to the Brabanthal in Leuven in the right outfit for her booster. © Vertommen

Impfzentrum Brabanthal opens its doors for two days between Christmas and New Years. During the second part of the Christmas holidays, the residents of Lions vaccinated even during the week. “All invitations have been sent,” says Bart Tirez, chairman of the primary care zone in Leuven.

Since an expert comes to work between Christmas and New Years, it’s possible vaccinatiecentrum Colomba in Kortenberg opens its doors for one day during this period: Thursday, December 30th. “We will work in double shifts on this day,” said Mayor Alexandra Thienpont. “That will also be the case on January 3rd and 4th. In this way we can vaccinate an additional 2,200 people during the Christmas holidays. ”This affects the residents of Kortenberg, Herent and Bertem.

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