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Gadgetren – Some time ago Apple released the iOS 15.2 operating system update for various iPhone and iPad devices.

This operating system itself was first introduced in 2021 along with the presence of the series iPhone13.

This new operating system can be tested gradually for free by users of the iPhone and iPad series by going to the Settings or Preferences menu, then General, then Software Update or Software Update.

In general, iOS 15.2 brings countless new features with it and Apple doesn’t forget to fix errors so that the display and access are better than before. This time around, Apple is focusing more on showcasing different flavors of privacy security features that users can freely access, making the device safer and more comfortable to use.

In this case, Apple added a privacy update to make it easier for parents to protect their children when accessing iPhone and iPad devices, especially to prevent outside threats from entering the device.

Feature updates for iOS 15.2 include Apple Music Voice Plan, Data Protection, Messages, Siri and Search, Apple ID, Camera, TV App and CarPlay. The latest Apple-provided features for the iOS 15.2 operating system as reported by Macrumors we can see below.

New function lines in iOS 15.2

Apple Music Voice-Plan

The Apple Music Voice Plan gives iOS 15.2 users the ability to access all songs, playlists, and all channels on an Apple Music station using just Siri voice commands.

The Just Ask Siri feature allows us to quickly and easily suggest song recommendations based on the history of songs that were heard or disliked. In addition, we can also use the Play it Again function to play back songs that have just been played.


The app privacy report in the settings menu allows us to see how often apps have accessed their location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and more, as well as their network activity, over the past seven days.


Message updates allow parents to turn on alerts for their children when they receive or send inappropriate or pornographic photos. The safety alert that appears provides information that children may find useful if they receive a photo containing pornographic images.

Siri and Search

To ensure that children and parents can access the Internet safely, Apple has also added Siri, Spotlight and Safari Search to the application guide so that it is more convenient for all users.

ID apple

In preparation for the sudden death of an iPhone or iPad owner, users can designate or designate people as legacy contacts so that the inherited person can access the previous user’s iCloud account and personal information when they die.


From a camera point of view, iOS 15.2 has a special feature to toggle the use of photo lenses that allows users to change the macro lens to a wide angle or ultra wide angle lens by enabling this feature in the settings menu. However, this feature is only available on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

TV applications

Now Apple TV offers a Tab Store that allows users to freely browse, buy, and rent movies and TV shows in one place.


Maps for supported cities have been enhanced in Apple Maps with details about locations such as turn lanes, median strips, bike lanes, and pedestrian crossings that are easier to see.

In addition to the list of updates above, iOS 15.2 also has other updates like Hide My Email in the Mail app for iCloud + subscribers that allow users to create a unique and random email address.

Find My then enables the iPhone to be tracked in power reserve mode for up to five hours. Then there is the stocks feature which allows users to view reports on stock prices and stock performance from year to year in graphical form. Another feature for reminders and notes allows users to delete or rename tags.

In the meantime, Apple is also fixing bugs for the iPhone and iPad like the Siri feature that can’t respond when VoiceOver is running and the iPhone is locked. There are also improvements to ProRAW photos that may appear too light when viewed in third-party photo editing applications.

Another fix is ​​available in the HomeKit app that includes the garage door not running on CarPlay when the iPhone is locked. CarPlay now also does not update the information about the current playback for certain apps.


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