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For royal families, Christmas also means beautiful postcards to wish everyone happy holidays. Beautiful photographs, family portraits, snapshots of the past appear on the official social profiles of all royals and attract a lot of attention. A tradition that Charles of Monaco, he wanted to keep despite the difficult time. And the image she has chosen not only conveys a big cutie, but also a deep melancholy.

Charlene of Monaco, your wishes for a Merry Christmas

Charlene goes through a long period of hardship. For about eight months, in fact lives far away from Munich. Before that, she had to stay in South Africa for a long time, where she had to undergo three very delicate procedures a bad infection that hit her hard.

He then returned to Munich, where he stayed with his family it was very short. Indeed, the illness must have drawn her so deeply that a new hospitalization was necessary because it was too much weakened and lost. Now the princess is found in a clinic in Switzerlandwhere he’s trying to get his life back. However, she does not forget the traditions and, even if she is far from the public, decided to share a Christmas card with her wishes:

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. With all of my love

Charlene von Monaco, the thought goes out to your family

Merry Christmas greetings from Charlene of Monaco while very cute associated with the image of Charlene they taste bitter. In fact, this time the princess did not share any photos, only a drawing in which she and her family are posing near a decorated tree.

Charles’s thoughts go without a doubt to her husband, Prince Albert, and to their children, the twins Jacques and Bella, with whom they have now no longer shares it Everyday life. And as is so often the case, the melancholy can be felt more and more during the Christmas holidays, especially these days missed events in which he has always participated in the past.

Jacques and Bella turn out to be little heroes in this situation: Although they miss their mother, the greet publicly whenever you can they face everything with great courage. Will they manage to at least spend Christmas with Mama Charlene?

The Christmas card from Charlene von Monaco on Instagram.


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