The Rembrandt brand –

The Städel Museum is dedicated to what is probably the most famous artist of the Dutch 17th century: Rembrandt van Rijn. The exhibition “Call me Rembrandt! Breakthrough in Amsterdam ”continues to look at Rembrandt’s success story from the young, ambitious artist from Leiden to the famous master in Amsterdam until January 30, 2022.

60 works of art by Rembrandt enter into dialogue with images by other artists of his time. A total of around 140 paintings, prints and drawings illuminate the impressive rise and breakthrough of the artist between 1630 and the mid-1650s. In addition to landscapes, genre scenes and still lifes, Rembrandt’s picture production included above all dramatic historical pictures and lifelike portraits. In the stimulating atmosphere of competition in Amsterdam, where many talented artists wooed the affluent bourgeoisie, Rembrandt developed the expressive imagery with which he was finally able to assert himself on the art market and become a “brand”. The show also sheds light on Rembrandt’s international ambitions, which, surprisingly, never led to an obligatory trip to Italy. The catalog was published by Hirmer Verlag, Munich.

More information about the exhibition in Frankfurt am Main

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