“The Queen’s Life”. Anna Renusz has gone through a metamorphosis. He is reminiscent of Emily Ratajkowski in the old photos

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Anna Renusz is one of the participants in the program “Queens of life“On TTV. A confident businesswoman walks in Tri-City Salon Barber. Her appearance corresponds perfectly to the program formula – Renusz, like the other “queens”, does not believe in half measures. He pursues an imaginary vision of beauty and luxury. It turned out that it looked a little different before joining the program. She looked a bit like a famous model.

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Anna Renusz before the metamorphosis. Similar to Emily Ratajowski?

Striking costumes, large breasts and buttocks, strong make-up and aesthetic medicine – all of these make up Renusz’s current image. In the photos from a few years ago you can see that she has always liked to be noticed. Before she metamorphosed, however, she looked a little different. Some old photos from Anna Renusz’s Instagram remind of this Emily Ratajkowski.

For comparison, a photo of a model. Can you see the resemblance

Emily Ratajkowski Instagram.com/emrata/

A slightly more subtle make-up that subtly emphasizes the beauty and does not model the face, as well as less daring stylizations make Renusz difficult to recognize in the photos from years ago. Although a hairdresser loves metamorphoses, most of the time she experiments with new styles or colors wow. It doesn’t show up without the feature the picture.

Anna Renusz in “The Queen of Life”

Anna Renusz appeared on the show with a partner. A woman lives in luxury thanks to her entrepreneurship. Your hair salon in Tricity is doing great. The participant in the show also benefits from the popularity gained on television – she realizes herself in the career of an influencer.


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