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Tony Blair has criticized those who are eligible for a vaccine who do not accept the offer (Stefan Rousseau / PA).

© Stefan Rousseau
Tony Blair has criticized those who are eligible for a vaccine who do not accept the offer (Stefan Rousseau / PA).

Eligible individuals who are not vaccinated against Covid and who have no medical reason for not getting the vaccination have been labeled idiots by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Mr Blair also supported the government in stopping further Covid-19 restrictions before Christmas, but described the decision as “incredibly difficult” and “a gamble”.

Speaking to Times Radio, the former Labor Prime Minister said: “Honestly, if you are not vaccinated and eligible right now and you have no health reason not to be vaccinated, not only are you irresponsible, I mean you are an idiot .

“I’m sorry, I mean, that is, you are real. Because this variant of Omicron is so contagious, you will get it if you are unvaccinated and in circulation. And … that will put a heavy strain on the healthcare system. “

He added, “We shouldn’t be rudely targeting these unvaccinated people, but trying to go after them and convince them.

“There could be all kinds of reasons, but in all fairness it is in their own interest, much less the public interest, that they get vaccinated.”

Mr Blair replied “no” when asked if he had any restrictions on Christmas and told Times Radio it was not because “a great piece of data” was showing up, but because of the “pain” of one complete lockdowns that people have “been through too much” and because there are too many different categories of people when it comes to vaccinations for the “blunt tool of lockdown to really work the way you want it”.

When asked about the allegations made by parties at 10 Downing Street, Mr. Blair said, “This is not helpful.”

He said he didn’t want to dwell on the subject other than to say that he “has a lot of sympathy for the people who work there” but added, “You have to be careful, especially when what you are doing is one Influences what “others do”.

He also said the decision to vaccinate anyone under the age of 12 should have been made “some time ago”, adding, “I don’t know what we’re waiting for”.

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