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The Senate wants the government not to sell any land to Facebook parent company Meta until a government vision for spatial planning and data centers is ready. A motion for this was passed in the Senate. Meta wants to buy around 80 hectares of land from the government in Zeewolde.

In motion, submitted by the Party for the Animals, states that the central government real estate agency will have to wait to sell the property until the House of Representatives has a clear vision of what the vision for spatial planning and data centers is. The coalition agreement states that new conditions must be created so that hyperscale data centers like Meta’s in the Netherlands can become established.

According to the Senate, the move to the data center contradicts “the public interest and what is provided for in the coalition agreement on data centers and good spatial planning,” the motion said. The Senate notes that the data center in Zeewolde is putting a considerable strain on our energy supply, fertile agricultural land and scarce fresh water supplies.

Meta plans to build a hyperscale data center on 166 hectares on former farmland. The company was bought through an intermediate company in April about 80 hectares of the municipality of Zeewolde. The other half will have to buy Meta from the Central Government Real Estate Agency as it is state land. That will already place additional requirements in the area of ​​sustainability, said the outgoing State Secretary Knops in conversation with the NOS. In the end, around 14 hectares will be built on with five data center halls measuring 400 by 70 meters.

The purchase of the land is one of the last hurdles for Meta after the majority of the Zeewolde council approved the change to the development plan on Thursday. of the site. Meta didn’t seem to mind that the new rules all about hyperscale data centers, which are included in the coalition agreement. The cabinet says that the approval of hyperscales will have to be subject to stricter criteria and that the Dutch government will “tighten national controls”. What this will mean in practice is not yet stipulated in the coalition agreement. The Senate wants the sale to Meta to be postponed until it is more clearly described in an additional parliamentary vision.

The location where the data center in Zeewolde should be located. Source:

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