Queen Elizabeth, only two people have their cell phone number. And they’re not that obvious – To the world

We all wish we could pick up the phone e to speak with the most important and most powerful people in the world. And in England the most coveted number is certainly that of Queen Elizabeth, but practically no one can do that, not even his immediate family. Only two people have direct contact with the Queen and their names really are surprised.

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Because of the enormous security risk that could arise if someone could reach the queen, she should be one non-hackable and encrypted private phone. And according to a royal family expert, you can use this device to call two people.

Though many wish they could have one personal conversation with Queen Elizabeth the privilege is reserved for very few people. And with the tremendous advances in technology in recent years, even the Queen is able to own a personal mobile phone that it cannot be hacked. The 95-year-old has her personal “hacker-encrypted” phone and uses it to make calls only with two people.

According to the royal commentator Jonathan Priesterwho are the lucky two who may have instant access to the Queen his daughter, that Princess Anna and be Race director, John Warren.

The queen is known to be incredibly close John Warren and was seen chatting and laughing with him at events. After the exciting news that the Queen was inducted into the QIPCO British Champions Series Hall of Fame for her Commitment to horse breeding.

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