Petr Janda’s saddest Christmas: DEATH IN THE FAMILY – nach Welt

Rocker Petr Janda (79) is going through difficult times. And not just him, but his whole family and closest friends. His cousin Luboš Andršt († 73), who was known as a guitarist and composer, died last night.

Luboš’s good friend shared sad information on social networks Michal Prokop (75). “My oldest team-mate, a great musician and a classmate at a rock school, Luboš Andršt, as he always said, died tonight.” Prokop confided his aching heart to his fans.

Petr Janda: To celebrate Janeček, 20 year old wedding shoes were put on!

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This Christmas will be shrouded in mourning for Luboš’s family and loved ones. But there’s a cousin with him tomorrow Petr Janda he and other friends will remember him during the performance in Lucerne.

Petr Janda brought out the beautiful Alice: Today I have a very high price!

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