Omicron Italia variant, waiting for data. Today Draghi speaks – To the world

“The beginning of the winter season and the spread of the Omicron variant oblige us to be extremely careful in managing the coming months.” Measures and restrictions to contain the infections and the Omicron variant. Italy exceeds 30,000 daily infections, according to the latest bulletin. Today, a few days before Christmas, the coronavirus emergency will certainly be one of the topics that the prime minister will address in the traditional press conference at 10:30 a.m. at the end of the year.

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Decisions are made on the basis of the data collected with the “Flash survey”. The aim is to create a more accurate map of the distribution of the variant in our country. “Until 23 in the morning the results of the ‘Flash survey’ with an updated, current and current photo on the diffusion of the Omicron variant”, Professor Mauro Pistello, Director of the Department of Virology of the University Hospital of Pisa, Vice-President of the Italian Society of Microbiology and a the founder of the sequencing network of the Higher Health Institute (Iss).

“At the beginning, the deadline for submitting these data was to have the most recent, up-to-date and up-to-date photo of the distribution of this variant as possible”.

There are likely to be color changes for several regions over the Christmas and New Year season. Veneto, currently the yellow zone, could slide into the orange zone at the beginning of the new year according to the scenario outlined by Governor Luca Zaia. “Our model says that we will grow with infections” at least until the first week of January, and we will approach the orange zone. This will allow us to continue to live almost normally because we are vaccinated. For those who aren’t, however, it means closing community lines and lots of activity, ”he says, referring to the restrictions that apply to those who do not have a Super Green Pass.

Lombardy hopes to keep the white zoneas the governor Attilio Fontana says. “The data show that the number of infections is increasing, but the number of hospital admissions in both the intensive care unit and the normal ward is not increasing equally. Obviously, the vaccination went a long way towards reducing the severity of the infections, ”he explains. “We could be left blank, but it is clear that we need to pay a number of major attentions, so we must always wear the mask in meetings, always inside, keep a certain distance and not be tempted to kiss excessively.” and hugs, we’ll have to be much more careful. Then we will wait and see whether the government takes further action on Thursday or not, ”concluded Fontana.

For Lazo, who will wear the mask outdoors from 23, a New Year’s Eve threatens in the yellow zone. “Compared to a year ago, the pressure on the hospital network is much, much less. We are still in a white zone situation, but with a development that will likely lead to a color change at the turn of the year. “Said recently. ‘Lazio Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato. Governor Vincenzo De Luca repeats it from Campania: “I urge you to be careful because the Omicron variant is exploding. Compared to the data we have on Campanian health care, we should already be in the orange zone, not the yellow zone. ”

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