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An alleged member of the South Side Gang in York was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole on Tuesday, 2014 shot and killed a man in revenge for his friend’s death.

Common Pleas Judge Harry M. Ness sentenced Ka’Shawn “Alpha” Flowers, 25, to the compulsory first degree murder sentence during a brief hearing. He shot Hezekiah Walker, 23, from Columbia, Lancaster County, on West King Street near South Penn Street in York on August 18, 2014.

“The jury has spoken on this case,” said Ness. “There is no discretion for me.”

“He wanted revenge:” Alleged member of the South Side Gang found guilty of murder in York

Flowers committed the murder in revenge for the death of his friend Joseph “Plaga” Gomez Jr., who was shot dead outside McDonald’s on South George Street in York on April 13, 2013, prosecutors said.

Gomez is connected to people on the South Side, prosecutors said. The shooter, Flair Griggs, ran with those connected to the West Side.

According to testimony, Flowers told his staff that he would go to the West Side in York and shoot and kill the first person he met. Walker had nothing to do with the conflict between the two groups.

‘Where do you come from:’ Man allegedly connected to the South Side Gang in York on trial for murder

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Steph Lombardo passed a testimony from Walker’s mother Florence to the judge. The court staff would not immediately make the letter available.

Flowers attorney Brian Perry noted that he and his client understood what the sentence would be for the crime.

Flowers made no statement.

“We have no one to introduce, Your Honor,” said Perry.

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