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In a recent interview with STARNEWS, Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon spoke about her future plans, what it was like to meet Zendaya, reactions from her family and boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi, and more!

After appearing on the hit Netflix series Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon has been busy promoting around the world and has recently returned to Korea. She commented, “I returned after being in the United States for a month and then going to Paris. With a new self-quarantine order in place, all of my plans were canceled until the week before Christmas. Because of the plans, my agency staff and those who worked on the filming are a little at a loss. But personally, I think this will be a time for me to catch my breath. “

She revealed, “In the United States, I didn’t even have time to eat, so I’ve lost so much weight. The clothes that fitted me when I first went to the US are now baggy. In just 10 days after “Squid Game” premiered, I lost 4 pounds, but I lost even more. When I got to the United States, I had such a busy schedule. So many things happened at the same time. “

As a model, Jung Ho Yeon is no stranger to traveling and working abroad. Now that she’s doing this as an actress, the star has been asked what the biggest difference is. Jung Ho Yeon replied, “There were many people who recognized [me]. When I went to shoots as a model, I was alone. I didn’t have a driver or manager. Now that I’m an actress, I have a manager, a driver, and even a bodyguard. In the short span of a month I felt this change. Since I have always traveled abroad alone, it is natural for me to get off at the airport alone and find the way to the hotel. This time a lot of people recognized me from the airport, for which I was grateful. “

She continued, “I found it fascinating, and I also thought, ‘I need to pay a little attention to the looks of others.’ When I was promoting as a model, I had a lot of personal time and space, but now that I’m an actress, I have to share that time and space with others. In addition, many of my foreign model friends and colleagues congratulated me and showed interest in the Korean market. Although the time I’ve spent as an actress is short and I’ve only done one project, it felt like my life as a model and my experience as an actress merged, so I was really grateful. “

In “Squid Game” Jung Ho Yeon plays Sae Byeok, an extremely serious character with a permanently solemn expression. However, the interviewer noted that Jung Ho Yeon always smiles in real life. The actress explained: “One of the questions I get asked most often abroad is, ‘How did you act as a character who is completely the opposite of your personality?’ At that time I replied, ‘I believe that a person has many different sides.’ After saying that it is hard to limit myself to this or that type of person, I went home and asked myself, ‘What kind of person am I?’ When I played Sae Byeok on Squid Game, I really thought I was like her. When I go to different countries and do my work in silence, I have a similar image of Sae Byeok. Since I experienced this time, I think I was able to perform as Sae Byeok. “

Back in November, Jung Ho Yeon took part in the 2021 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, where she met actress Zendaya. Earlier this month, Zendaya also mentioned Jung Ho Yeon at the press conference for her film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and said they have a lot in common. When asked what the two of them talked about when they met, Jung Ho Yeon replied, “My meeting with Zendaya felt really good. Zendaya is a star to me and someone I can’t get close to. I greeted her shyly, but she came up to me to chat and led the conversation. At that moment I wondered if it was real life or if I was dreaming. Zendaya invited me to the set of ‘Euphoria’ so I went. It was the first time in a while that I went to a set after ‘Squid Game’. Since I’ve been to a lot of events lately, there have been a lot of situations where I thought, ‘What am I doing? [here]? ‘ But when I went to the ‘Euphoria’ set, my heart felt so comfortable just sitting there. I thought I wanted to get back to the set quickly. “

She continued, “After watching Zendaya play, we talked when she finished. To be honest, it wasn’t about much. We talked about what we eat in our daily life and on set. While we were talking, I thought, ‘There’s a reason people like this person.’ When I was with her, I felt good. She has the power to make others relax. I think that’s a really important skill. I think Zendaya felt the same way. I think we connected intuitively. “

Naturally, when the actress mentioned her desire to return to the set, Jung Ho Yeon was asked about her next steps. Jung Ho Yeon commented: “I have a lot on my mind. In my life there weren’t many choices to make. When I was a model, I was chosen and chosen and I had little choice. After being selected, I developed a sense of fear and horror and thought, “Is it right for me to do this?” I want to do well and I don’t want to get hate. I have personal goals, but I also have a lot of worries. I also felt like I had become a fool who couldn’t choose anything. “

Jung Ho Yeon added, “That’s why I asked around a lot. I asked my superiors, the director, and even the director of the production company. That’s how I came to my conclusion. Instead of drawing a conclusion, I decided to be brave. ”With a laugh, she continued,“ My agency may not like it when I say something like this. I have decided. ‘In the future I’ll be involved in about five projects that fail!’ “

She explained, “If I am moved while reading a script, I believe I can move the hearts of those who have interests similar to me. So I’m just thinking, ‘Let’s try.’ Instead of making safe choices because I think I need to succeed, I gain courage by organizing my thoughts to think, ‘Even if I fail, let’s fail great.’ When I first said I was going to be a model and when I first started acting, I did it as someone who gets active without thinking. The field of art has no right answers and is huge. Ultimately, I think it’s best to follow my intuition. I follow my intuition, and if that turns out to be wrong, I want to have the courage to accept it. If I continue to experience this, I think my life as an actress will keep adding up. I’ve decided to think that I’m an actress who is just getting started. “

Although Sae Byeok will find it difficult to return for a second season of Squid Game, the interviewer asked if she had been asked to work on other projects with director Hwang Dong Hyuk or co-star Facebook Facebook logo Sign up for Facebook to connect with Lee Jung Jaewho recently dared to direct. With a laugh, Jung Ho Yeon replied: “No comment. I don’t think it’s going to happen now, but I don’t know what will happen in the future. “

Jung Ho Yeon spoke more about her experience of working in different countries as she shared: “I feel abroad that I am part of a happy generation. I’ve been taking advantage of what my superiors have already achieved. Many Asian actors have expanded the market and like actors Bae Doona and Lee Byung Hun have made personal connections with direct experience. I got help through their experiences. So, of course, through my promotions, I want to achieve my personal goals, but also better understand the system for those who come after me. Also this time I asked a lot of questions and got a lot of help from Kang Dong Won, Bae Doona und Lee Byung Hun. “

When asked about her parents’ reaction to their daughter becoming a world star overnight, Jung Ho Yeon said with a laugh: “My parents are concerned. They tell me that I am amazing and proud, but they still worry. All of my family members are very scared. I didn’t know I was going to get it either [successful] to this extent. They all tell me to be careful and contact me out of concern. When my mother has a bad dream, she will always contact me and ask if something is wrong. I am always grateful. I learn with an open heart through many different methods. “

The actress was also asked what comments her boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi had for her. Jung Ho Yeon replied, “Hmm, what is it? THATppa say to me? When I’m abroad, he says, ‘Just come back safely. Come back safe and sound. ‘ He said, ‘Anything else doesn’t have to work and doesn’t matter, so just come back safe and sound.’ That made me tear apart. Because everyone expects something from me, I have to make a difference and I have to achieve something. Since there is this expectation, that’s just what I’ve focused on. but THATppa just said that it is okay if nothing works and just to be healthy. “

When the interviewer mentioned that Jung Ho Yeon’s name is now in the headlines in front of Lee Dong Hwi because she is a world star, she giggled and then confidently replied, “This order is not important. Besides, I think WL is really successful these days! “

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