GdS – capital gains, Inter serena: the Pinamonti and Zaniolo cases are emblematic – archyde

The information from Fiamme Gialle was broadcast on December 9th based on press reports

the Gazzetta dello Sport try the possible scenarios regarding theInter after yesterday’s GdF check in the Nerazzurri headquarters. “When the investigations of the Turin public prosecutor’s office into Juve capital gains were triggered by a first communication from Consob, this time it was information from Yellow flames – it is read -. It aired on December 9th based on press reports, plentiful in the last few weeks: the financiers have thus both watched the Milanese and then highlighted some possible critical points that still need to be checked in Inter’s financial statements. In detail, they want to understand whether “the value of player registration rights” has been deliberately overestimated in order to increase revenue and consequently reduce losses ”.

The aim is clear: to try to understand whether in the balance sheets of the seasons of the Nerazzurri 2017/18 e 2018/19 There have been illegal moves to adjust budgets to please UEFA on FFP matters. Among other things, the handover documents from Radu, Vanheusden e Pinamonti, Protagonists in different moments of operations with genoa. “The tip in particular, before it was brought back to Milan, guaranteed the greatest capital gain of all those observed in 2019: 19 million. The other hot axis, on the other hand, is the 2018 between Milan and Bergamo: a couple of boys from Kindergarten Inter Milan (Bettella e Carraro worth a total of 12 million) addressed to the goddess, while the very talented Sticks (31.1) went to Milan – explains the rosea -. At the moment, every hypothesis is still in its infancy and the Nerazzurri Club said with an immediate statement it was quiet. In summary, Quiet filter also because it is noted that player ratings are always “random” by definition. In fact, one walks with lead feet even on the fourth floor of the Palazzo di Giustizia: similar cases have already ended with nothing in the past (Inter was acquitted for similar cases in 2008) and there is no “scientific” criterion to determine what the right price is for is a player. You know, the value is influenced not only by objective factors like performance, but also by imponderable circumstances like injuries or simply a lack of feeling with a technician. Pinamonti himself, for example, with Conte on the radar, is now moving in the province in the direction of the old rating: In Empoli he has so far scored points the same goals as the other rising striker, Gianluca Scamacca, six, but with one less presence. Another case, however, is the sale of Nicolò Zaniolo to Roma: sold to the Giallorossi for 4 million in the Nainggolan deal, after a few months it was worth ten times as much ”.

Over this two-year period, Inter projected capital gains of around € 90 million, which are vital to UEFA’s satisfaction and competitiveness registration. Those were the times of the very narrow Poles and the comparison, only existed in June 2019.

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