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After former NRL player Tim Simona was beaten by Aaron Cocco on his cruiserweight debut, the combat doctor had to step in to end the fight. Images: Fox Sports

Former NRL player Tim Simona’s second sporting life in the boxing ring looks like it will be short-lived after he was put under absolute strain on his debut Tuesday night.

Simona, the former Wests Tigers player who Booted out of the league in disgrace in 2016 over a series of betting scandals, was easily beaten by Aaron Cocco on his cruiserweight debut at The Star.

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After a promising start, Simona was soon overwhelmed by Cocco’s criminal attack.

The fight was finally stopped by the combat doctor in the third of four rounds, with the ailing Simona essentially unable to defend herself from Cocco’s blows.

However, Simona had been clearly outclassed from the first bell, which annoyed Australian boxing legend Jeff Fenech at both the referee and Simona’s corner.

Fenech said it was evident that the fight should have ended long before that, and praised the doctor for his decision.

“Great job of the doctor, that was it. It’s a great job because the referee should have stopped it and the corner should have stopped it, ”said Fenech.

“I’m not going to punch here – it doesn’t look good to me.

“Of course the fight should have ended. The referee stands and watches this guy get hit without coming back. “

Fenech said Simon’s inexperience showed after the promising first round in which the former NRL star was clearly the better fighter.

He soon ran out of gas, however, and Fenech joked that it was a learning experience compared to his days on the soccer field.

“In the first round it was Simona who landed 10 or 12 hits … it looked like Cocco was doing what Simona did,” said Fenech.

“I think he learned that it’s a little harder than playing football. But he put on a great show, in the first round I thought it could be a big win for him, but the doctor did the right thing and I take my hat off to him. “

Moloney is on the way to the world title again

Andrew Moloney has his sights set on another world title after the super flyweight clinched its first win in more than two years.

The 30-year-old was in a class ahead of Froilan Saludar on Tuesday evening, the judges handed him the unanimous decision 99-91, 98-92 and 98-91 after 10 rounds in Sydney.

“He was so tough,” Moloney said of his Filipino rival.

“A couple of times I thought I might have him with me, but only his head is made of concrete or something … just so hard.”

It was Moloney’s first fight on home soil since winning the WBA super flyweight title in November 2019, and it followed after three career-threatening bouts with Joshua Franco.

Andrew Moloney is hoping for a chance at a WBO belt after consecutive wins on home soil. (Photo by Mikey Williams / Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Moloney was controversially beaten in their first match before no result was found in their second when Franco suffered a cut believed to have been caused by an accidental headbutt.

The Victorian lost his third fight to Franco in August but improved his record to 22-2 on Tuesday night and a non-competitive appearance that renewed confidence in his latest title win.

Ranked by three of the four major sanctioning bodies, Moloney watches the WBO strap of four-weight world champion Kazuto Ioka.

The Japanese boxer will defend his title on New Year’s Eve against his compatriot Ryoji Fukunaga, Moloney is looking for a date with the champion “as early as possible” next year.

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