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Households can expect high electricity prices until Christmas, but it will be much worse in the south than in the north.

Tor Reier Lilleholt, Head of Analysis at Wattsight, rightly believes that electricity prices will most likely be a little lower than what we are currently seeing in southern Norway. The average daily price was a maximum of just under 4 kroner for 1 kilowatt hour (kWh).

– But you have to calculate between 2 and 3 kroner kWh in southern Norway, while northern Norway can easily manage with 50 ore per kWh, says Lilleholt about Nettavisen Økonomi.

– Nevertheless, the prices are now at an extraordinarily high level. With the prospect of very low temperatures, the price expectations for Christmas Eve and the other Christmas days are also very high, is the gloomy message.

Not every kilowatt hour is the same as a clock. How much time you spend consuming 1 kWh depends on how much electricity you use.

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10-12 Degrees Celsius

If we look at the weather forecasts at yr.no, the forecast for the future is significantly colder weather. The temperature at night on Christmas Eve Blind may drop below -10 and cold weather is forecast through December 30th. In isolation, this speaks in favor of high electricity prices.

In Bergen it can get seven degrees Celsius on Christmas Day, in Trondheim it can be up to 10 degrees cold on several days. The residents of Kristiansand have to stock up in freezing temperatures around the clock from Christmas Eve up to and including December 29th.

Colder weather means higher electricity consumption and, according to yr.no, a big city like Berlin will also experience more minus degrees from Christmas Day onwards. Low temperatures on the continent are bad news for Norwegian households.

– What about the afternoon on Christmas Eve, is the power consumption extra high?

– I know, an hour around Christmas dinner and when all the lights are on when it gets dark, I often have a particularly high consumption peak in Norwegian households that day.

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Lower consumption

– But on Christmas Eve it is clear that consumption on such a day is lower than on other days of the week. This is mainly due to the fact that many companies and industries, such as the paper mill at Norske Skog, have closed or reduced their activities, answers Lilleholt.

Wattsight therefore expects a reduced consumption of around 5 percent compared to normal everyday life.

The average electricity prices have changed a lot in the last few days. On December 21, the daily price in Oslo, Kristiansand and Bergen was over NOK 3.90 kWh, according to the electricity exchange Nordpool. The estimate for December 22nd is around 2.60 kroner, while the price on Sunday, December 19, is around 1.50 kroner.

In Tromsø we are talking about completely different levels, here the kilowatt price fluctuated between 20 øre and 62 øre in the past week.


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