Dinosaur egg: Fossilized dinosaur embryo was about to hatch

The dinosaur egg slumbered in the magazine of a Chinese natural history museum for more than ten years. In the meantime, paleontologists working with Lida Xing from the China University of Geosciences in Beijing have opened the fossilized egg and discovered the very well-preserved fossil of a dinosaur embryo in it. The specimen is thought to be between 66 and 72 million years old. The researchers were not only amazed by the good condition, but also by the posture of “Baby Yingliang” – the modern nickname of the embryo: It is reminiscent of today’s birds, which similarly stick their heads under their wings and bend their bodies shortly before hatching , like the working group around Xing in the specialist magazine »iScience« describes. It is possible that this hatching behavior of the birds goes back to dinosaurs.


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