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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – Pediatricians work with children of all ages who have symptoms of the common cold. But why do so many children show signs of illness? Experts say this is actually a relatively normal cold and flu season, but the COVID-19 precautions taken over the past few years are making it a little easier for children to absorb the cold.

“Last year everyone wore masks, not in school, not at work, so we haven’t seen anywhere near the number of viruses we see now,” said Vivi Tucker, the nurse in urgent care for children.

These precautions, coupled with social distancing, limited the number of diseases our immune systems had to fight.

“There are a lot of viruses around. There is more than one virus that causes the common cold and we see a lot of different things happening in the community, ”said Misty Barrett, clinical director of Urgent Care for Children.

Both Urgent Care for Children staff stress that if your child is showing symptoms of illness that you should have them examined. A local pediatrician reminds visitors that getting sick is part of growing up and growing our immune systems.

“I like to remind parents what is normal and expected for a child in the first or second year of life, especially for children in daycare centers. So for a normal healthy child with a normal immune system, we would expect them to get twelve to fifteen viral infections in their first year, ”said Dr. Katrina Skinner, President of Fairhope Pediatrics.


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