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UPDATE: Leagues are now live for all members. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the new feature!

Are you looking for another way to have fun playing on !? Then today is your lucky day, because we are happy to announce a new feature: Leagues are now live for all members! Earn trophies by playing games the way you normally do anyway! Advance to the next league without pressure as you can never lose a level.

And maybe the best? Get in early and you can win cash.

Earn trophies

You play a lot on The main way to track your progress has been your assessment, but sometimes you need a different type of motivation.

Now you can be rewarded for playing regardless of your rating. You still have to win (or tie), but the strength of your opponent doesn’t matter. Just keep playing the games you are already playing!

Collect trophies to advance. The longer the time control, the more points you get for wins and draws.

And how do you collect trophies to move forward? By playing and by playing well! All that matters is how many wins and ties you get against random challengers. With this system, you don’t have to worry about higher rated players keeping you from advancing, but you also can’t lose every game to move up! You also don’t have to worry about someone challenging much poorly rated players to unrated games for Spam Points.

You can also win trophies faster by getting wins and draws in arena tournaments that are already held regularly on the site! Every point you score in an arena is worth an extra trophy on top of the trophies earned during the tournament. (For example, if you score 12 Arena Points and earn 17 trophies, you will receive a total of 29 trophies.)

And what do these trophies bring you? Well, every week you and 49 other players are put into a division, and at the end of the week the best players in each division move up into the next.

Everyone starts their first week in the Wood League. Can you make it all the way to legend? leagues feature
The higher you get, the harder it will be to move forward. How far will you make it

In the lowest league, the top 20 of 50 players advance each week. However, as you level up it gets tougher and in the end only the Champion League winner joins the Legends!

Once you move up to a higher league, you can’t fall behind. So, if you need to take a short break (but we hope you don’t!) Then there is no need to worry about losing your progress.

Now for the real goodies: Lots of premium memberships and lots of cold, hard money. To celebrate the release of this fantastic feature, is giving away 50.000 $ and 200 diamond memberships. The first 200 players to make the Champion League win a one-year Diamond membership, but the competition doesn’t end there.

The first 50 players in the Champion League will continue to want to earn trophies because if they’re good they can be worth up to $ 10,000!

Rang price
1 10.000 $
2. 7.500 $
3. 5.000 $
4.-10. $ 1,000 each
11.-50 $ 200 each

If more than 50 people become champions in the competition timeframe, it won’t be too late to start winning prizes as more divisions are opening in the Champion League.

Rang price
1 1.000 $
2. $750
3. $500
4th end $200 partner streamers have an additional $ 10,000 in prizes available. For the next four weeks, we’re giving away $ 1,000 a week to the five partner streamers who collect the most trophies during the week.

Rang price
1 $400
2. $200
3. $200
4. $100
5. $100

The top four-week trophy winners will also take part in our $ 6,000 Multi-Club Arena Finals, with $ 2,000 going to the winner.

Rang price Rang price
1 2.000 $ 6. $200
2. 1.000 $ 7. $200
3. $500 8. $200
4. $250 9. $200
5. $250 10 $200

No joining is required as you will be automatically added to leagues as you play. Get ready to search for these prices!

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