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Washington [US]December 22nd (ANI): Britney Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart has defamed her father, Jamie Spears, for applying to pay his legal fees following his suspension from her now-closed conservatory. The attorney called Jamie and described his claim as “shameful”.
Rosengart spoke about Jamie’s request in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. He said, “The request is shameful. Mr. Spears has earned millions of dollars from Britney as a conservator while paying his attorneys millions more, all from Britney’s work and hard earned money. “
He added, “The Conservatory has ended and Mr. Spears has been shamefully suspended. In the circumstances, his petition is not only legally unfounded, it is an abomination. Britney was vocal about the pain her father had caused her, and this only adds to it. A father who loves his daughter doesn’t do that. “
In court filings filed on December 15 and received by The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie petitioned the court to pay for his legal representation “in litigation over Jamie’s ongoing fiduciary duties related to the liquidation” of the singer’s conservatoires .
“Prompt payment of Jamie’s legal fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatory can be wound up quickly and efficiently so that Britney can take control of her life as she and Jamie wish,” the petition said.
Under the terms of a conservatory, the singer paid both her own and her father’s legal fees and fees every time she took him to court about the legal settlement.

It ended in September when Jamie moved to end his court conservatorship before being suspended from his position as the pop star’s conservator. Britney’s Conservatory was officially closed by an LA judge in November of that year.
The filing argued that “the fiduciary obligations Jamie owed did not end with his suspension or the order to terminate the conservatoires” and that if he did not financially secure his legal representation, he would be “personal bankruptcy and ruin.” the defense of unfounded claims ”would be exposed.
“Nobody would ever want to take on the role of restorer if a restorer could force a restorer to personally pay substantial legal fees to defend unsubstantiated allegations,” the petition said.
“Jamie should not be under any obligation to sacrifice his personal well-being in defending his administration of the estate, where his every act so far has been carried out with the attorney and the consent of others in this proceeding, including the court,” the file continued.
The petition follows calls from the Grammy-winning singer over the past decade, which reached its public climax last year, for the removal of her father as a conservator from both her person and property.
Speaking at a court hearing in June, Britney spoke for herself in court, saying she was “traumatized” by an “abusive” conservatory after, among other things, switching medication and touring against her consent.
Spears was first listed in 2008, with her father overseeing his daughter under the terms of the court-ordered arrangement. The next hearing is scheduled for January 19 to resolve pending accounting and other open issues. (ANI)


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