Baseball Prospectus publishes updated top 10 prospectus listing for Milwaukee Brewers – UK

The season of the top prospect list continues! The latest list comes from Baseball Prospectus, who released a top 10 list that actually had 13 players and had plenty of analysis of other prospects and players under 25 across the system. In contrast to the Baseball America list, BP’s ranking has a position player at the top:

1) BY Garrett Mitchell

BP believes Mitchell’s combination of ’70s speed and strong defense in midfield should make him a major league player, with a hit tool that should be average. There are some doubts about how the tools on the record play at higher levels, and there are some concerns about his injury history, but they note that “his sociability, approach and raw pop are sure to fit a candidate’s profile, who can achieve real strength gains ”. with one or two swing tweaks. “

2) BY Sal Frelick

Frelick is described as a “nervous” hitter who relies more on his approach and contact skills to create offensive value at the bowl as his size limits his performance limit. He’s only average club speed, but his foot speed is a plus on bases and in the field. “[A] A large part of Frelick’s value lies in the fact that it stays in a premium place (midfield) and is above average there. “

3) LHP Aaron Ashby

Ashby made it to the big leagues last season and looked quite impressive at times – “As a high-speed leftist with a clear seat to hold your stuff and hit a lot of clubs, and that’s a profile you’re very keen on should in general, ”said BP. His fastball has elite velo but is a low spin, sinking pitch that is unlikely to miss many clubs. His slider is good and his changes are average, which gives him a beginner’s repertoire but a commanding profile that has yet to be developed and polished.

4) LHP Ethan Small

While Ashby is known for his “stuff,” Small is more likely to rely on a fraudulent shipment, hard for hitters to find, to back up his average arsenal. His fastball is playing well from his plus move but is currently lacking a trustworthy third place. That could ultimately limit its usefulness – “[a]As things stand, he may not have enough to turn a big league lineup more than twice. ”- but overall, Small should have an MLB bottom as a back-end starter or bulk inning relief.

5) BY Joey Wiemer

BP’s report ensures Wiemer has been an interesting player since his time in the Cape Cod League, and praised his increased bulk and swing adjustment (trading a kick for a toe tip) as the main reasons he uses his tremendous brute strength year 2021. His strength plays on all fields, his arm is plus in the outer field and he looks like an asset on the bases. “[Y]You really have to believe that the hit tool will keep going up the leaderboard … but the tools are very much there to be a good regular player. “

6) 2B Tyler Black

Black was recognized by BP’s scouts for “excellent hitting zone judgment, a quick bat and a knack for contact”. His strength could develop in the game due to his progressive approach and he should be able to do enough to stay defensive on second base. He has the advantages of an offense first starter on the keystone.

7) BY Hedbert Perez

Perez is exciting because of his youth and overall tool kit, but there is still a long way to go before the ceiling is reached. He has quick hands and a compact swing with maximum effort, with the ability to move the club around the zone to create contact. “We have described Perez as being barrel-chested and it still is. The young outfielder has a muscular core but thin arms. It’s a body to dream of, but it’s one that should eventually switch to a corner outfield seat. “

8) SS Brice Turang

“He will play in the big ones forever because of his positive abilities, but …” As with other reports, BP is concerned about Turang’s ability to strike for any semblance of power. “He just doesn’t shoot the ball high enough and there is no encouraging sign in his hit ball data or anywhere at this point.” BP praised his ability to connect and how he sprays the ball on every field, an advanced approach, high quality defense on shortstop and his ability on the bases. “Without any unexpected strength and swing overhaul” we’re looking for a player who could be a starting shortstop based on contact and defense, but someone who won’t be very effective as a regular.

9) SS Freddy Zamora

Zamora’s profile is considered to be similar to Turang’s by BP’s, though Zamora believes a bit more in his ability to end up being a double-digit home run hitter. He should be able to stick with the shortstop and could be a quick starter through the system thanks to his advanced toolset.

10) C Jeff I want

Quero will be one of those prospects that we will likely have to follow for some time as he evolves and penetrates the system, but “the potential advantage as a two-way catcher is well worth mentioning in the background”. List this year. ” He deserves praise for his advanced striking tool and contact ability, including better than expected hard hit rates. Teenage catchers, however, are usually very high-variance prospects.

After those 10 players, the next three guys are on the list for BP:

11. UTIL Zavier Warren
12. SS Eduardo Garcia
13. BY Joe Gray, Jr.

Youngest international signatory Jackson Chourio and breakout a-ball hitter Felix Valerio have been recognized as “prospects on the rise,” and Mario Feliciano and Corey Ray are discussed as players who could affect the big league in 2022. Also, Freddy Peralta, Luis Urias and Keston Hiura are on the list of “Top Players Under 25” within the organization, even though BP had this to say about Hiura after its disastrous season:

“We are in full crisis mode for Hiura … The floating leg lift that Hiura has been using successfully for a long time to track and time pitches until late in the break and to bring them into line has deviated from the map. Hiura’s swing resembled that of a pitcher’s in 2021 in many cases, and the results weren’t much better. His inability to handle MLB speed seems to be pronounced, especially on the letters or above. To make matters worse, his defensive slide has already led him to man first, whereby the mediocre foot speed strongly emphasizes his performance on the bowl as a right-handed Kaltenecker. “


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