Aaron Sorkin calls the casting of gay actors only for gay roles one

Through Corey Atad.

The director of “Being the Ricardos” rejects criticism of the cast of the film.

Speak with The Times of London, Aaron Sorkin responded to complaints about the cast of Spanish actor Javier Bardem in the role of Cuban entertainer Desi Arnaz.

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Sorkin compared the criticism to the claim that only gay actors should be cast in gay roles.

“You can be attracted to someone, but not gay or straight. So this idea that only gay actors should play gay characters? That only a Cuban actor should play Desi? ”He said. “To be honest, I think it’s the mother of all empty gestures and a bad idea.”

He added, “It’s heartbreaking and a little terrifying to see members of the artist community break up.”

Last week in an interview with Der Hollywood-ReporterJavier Bardem also pushed back the criticism of his casting and said: “I am an actor, and that’s what I live with: try to be people who I am not.”

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He continued: “What do we do with Marlon Brando, who plays Vito Corleone? [in ‘The Godfather’]? What do we do with Margaret Thatcher, played by Meryl Streep? [in ‘The Iron Lady’]? Daniel Day-Lewis plays Lincoln? Why does this conversation take place with people with accents? “You have your accent. That’s where you belong. ‘ This is difficult.”

Bardem also added, “I understand that there are many under-represented voices and stories that need to be told, and together we should do better to provide more access and opportunity for more American Latino stories and storytellers.”



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