Zelenskyi is dissatisfied with the lack of progress towards NATO – Nach Welt

Kiev has been trying to join the US-led alliance for several years, but Western officials have repeatedly stated that membership is not expected anytime soon, causing discontent in Ukraine.

“We cannot accept the theory that is very popular today about the European Union (EU) for 30 years and NATO for about 50 years. It demotivates and slows us down, ”he said.

Ukraine wants to get “a very clear timetable” from NATO for the prospect of accession.

“And we want it in 2022,” said Zelenskyi.

Ukraine wants to recover from the Russian-occupied and annexed Crimea and “achieve EU membership in the coming years,” said the president.

The USA and Western countries assume that Russia could prepare an attack on Ukraine and has therefore concentrated around 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border.

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