Zátopek is not fighting for an Oscar. He wasn’t shortlisted – Post World

This year, too, the Czech film is not fighting for the Oscar. The film Zátopek, which depicts part of the life of the famous runner Emil Zátopek, was not shortlisted for Oscar nominations.

In the category of the best foreign films fought his way through Images from fifteen countries – Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Mexico, Norway, Panama and Spain. Eight of them eventually reach the final of the fight for the prestigious film award.

In addition to foreign films, the American Film Academy has also announced nominations for categories such as documentary, film soundtrack, original film song, and visual effects. Final nominations in all categories will be announced by the Academy on February 28th, and the world’s most prestigious film awards are scheduled for March 27th.

Zátopka was nominated by the Czech Film and Television Academy and the American website Variety gave Czech films the chance to find themselves in a selection of 15 foreign films.

Ondříček’s work introduces the personality of the most famous Czech athlete and four-time Olympic champion Emil Zátopek, who died in 2000, and tells of his relationship with his wife Dana. The film frames the arrival of the Australian record holder Ron Clark in Prague in 1968 to visit the legendary Czechoslovak runner whom he greatly admires. In Ron’s interviews with Emil, the plot of the film returns to the central moments of the athlete’s sport and private life.



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