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More men have died from Covid-19 than women, according to the CDC. / Photo: Figure / Doc. SINDOnews

JAKARTA – Covid-19 deaths still occur today, including in Indonesia. However, there is one interesting thing about the United States regarding the death rate due to cancer Covid-19 .

According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men are more to die due to Covid-19 compared to women. In fact, the number in New York is very “unusual” with 57.5 percent of deaths being male.

Several experts have views on this, one of which is related to the lifestyle of male patients before death.

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Experts say that most of the time, the lifestyle of men is unhealthy and lazy to seek medical help in case of illness.

“Men who die are more likely to be a reflection of pre-illness lifestyle factors, such as smoking and alcohol consumption,” said Dr. Jessica Justman, epidemiologist at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

“Well, women are more likely to see a doctor than men,” he added.

In addition, according to Dr. Justman, it is also possible that women are more courageous to express symptoms or symptoms of Covid-19 that can be felt at an early stage than men who tend not to feel the symptoms.

That is, when a man is exposed to Covid-19, he mostly waits until the symptoms are very severe before going to the doctor. This allows them to need more serious treatment, although it can be treated early if mild symptoms are felt.

Another factor that contributed to the higher mortality in men was the effect of the vaccination, which was not as strong as in women. According to CDC data, 62.9 percent of American women were vaccinated at the full dose, while 58.7 percent of men.

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That being said, several factors that are causing more men to die from Covid-19 are biological and hormonal. Yes, the body of men has been shown to have more Covid-19 receptors than that of women.




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