The stock exchanges recover after the fear of Omicron, Milan closes at + 1.8% with oil and banks – archyde

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Successful rebound for European stock exchangeswho left the difficult day behind and in the session on the 21st. Not so the day before, when the lists were affected by fears related to the spread of the variant Omikron Coronavirus, which is still the focus of investor attention, as well as the halt to the US Maxi Plan for Climate and Welfare “Better to deconstruct”. In the Piazza Affari die FTSE-MIB it closed with a strong increase and is the best index at the continental level. Positive sitting also for Madrid (Steinbock 35), Frankfurt (DAX 30) and Paris (CAC 40).

Wall Street bounces back after three days of sales

Wall Street also rose after the recent sell-offs due to the spread of the Omicron variant. The cautious optimism in the markets has to do with Senator Joe Manchin’s opening to re-discuss the “Build Back Better” spending plan with President Joe Biden (they spoke on the phone). On the Covid front, Biden will speak to the nation at 8:30 p.m. (Italian time) to share some news on how to fight the spread of the infection. In the first part of the session, the Dow Jones gained around 355 points (+ 1%), the S&P 500 around 42 points (+ 0.9%) and the Nasdaq reached 156 points (+ 1%).

FTSE Mib stock market trend


In Piazza Affari at the top Saipem and UniCredit

Among the largest capitalization stocks in Milan, the strong rebound in oil prices helped power stocks Saipem ed Eni. Banks also did well as the market continues to question the fate of the two main dossiers in the sector: Bank Mps e Bca Carige. Especially in the light Unicredit, Banco Bpm e Banca Pop Er. During these hours, the Board of Directors of the Modenese Institute will assess what strategy it will pursue towards the Ligurian Institute after the interbank fund’s “no” to the offer made last week. On the other hand, declining Davide Campari, Moncler e General with entrepreneur Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone, who continues to buy shares in the insurance company and has exceeded 8%.

“Global uncertainty remains high – say ActivTrades analysts – as investors struggle to gauge how this is going to happen new wave it will affect national economies, especially at a time when some countries’ monetary policies are becoming more aggressive ». This situation, they note, offers strong support for safe havens like gold as investors are still reducing their exposure to stocks, “the Santa’s rally that everyone has been waiting for ».

Oil on the rise, the gas frenzy does not stop

the Petroleum is recovering part of the losses from the Monday, December 20 session, due to the acceleration of infections and the halt to the Maxi-US investment plan that are causing the decline. Meanwhile, the analysts at Mps Capital Services emphasize that the gas rush, which exceeds 160 euros per megawatt hour at new record levels, does not stop after the gas volume in the German Mallnow filling station, where the Yamal Europe gas pipeline ends, has fallen to zero, according to the Operator’s Gascade early in the morning. A situation that would force Europe, in times of low temperatures and high consumption, to fall back on reserves that renewable energy sources cannot adequately cope with. They are unclear, according to analysts, quoted by Bloomberg, the reasons for this reduced Russian supply in the pipeline from northwest Siberia via Belarus and Poland to Germany.

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