The second season of the homemade psychological thriller

The creators of the series “Tet Studio” point out that the new series of their multi-series films promises to be the most nerve-wracking domestic filmmaking to date, providing audiences with a new story with quality content and great work from the creative team.

Anyone looking forward to the mystical and mysterious events in the small town of Merona can already watch a short video of the tension that awaits the audience through the door. However, if you are curious and have not yet seen the first season, you can do so on the entertainment platforms “Tet +” and “Helio” on interactive television.

Tiger in the second season of the series

The young journalist Tom comes to the small town of Merona to see a place where he once lost his family, but suddenly finds himself at the epicenter of tragic and shocking events. The city’s only factory closes and most city dwellers unexpectedly lose their jobs. A sect is beginning to develop that divides the population between its followers and those who deny it, and it turns out that the worst is yet to come …

Inga Alika-Stroda, Director of Entertainment Services at Tet, says: “With the first season of“ Missing ”, which was one of the most watched series by the Tet Studio of the year, we have made rapid strides in the quality and variety of our offering. The first product of the New Year’s multi-series movie will be like a gateway to great entertainment all year round, along with exciting movies, series and shows.

Viewers are offered six one-hour series. With the behind-the-scenes film, everyone has the opportunity to look behind the scenes of how the project was shot.

The screenplay is written by Vlad Kovalev, who also directed the first season of “Missing”, is the author of several short films and has won awards at several major film festivals. The producer is Lelde Kovaļova, also a Latvian writer who made her debut for the first season. The main operator is Toms Zarāns – one of the most talented young cameramen in Latvia.

The shooting took place this summer in Valmiera and Mālpils, as well as in the picturesque manor house in Mālpils. An unprecedented team was on duty in the reception area, including professional stuntmen and rescuers.

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