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TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Released in 2021, it’s 10 The latest WhatsApp features making it easier for users.

WhatsApp has become an instant messaging application that many people use.

With a wide variety of functions, this application enables users to perform various activities.

Not only is it used for sending text messages, but there are several WhatsApp features that support all message exchange needs such as: B. Sending photos / videos.

WhatsApp also added various feature updates over the course of 2021 to make it easier for users to use their services, such as: B. Support for multiple devices and video calls from the desktop application.

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Towards the end of the year, the following KompasTekno summarizes the new functions that WhatsApp released over the course of 2021.

1. Phone and video calls on the desktop

In order not to be trumped by the presence of the Meetings application, WhatsApp has also added a new feature this year that allows users to make phone and video calls from the desktop.

To access this feature, users only need to install the desktop version of the WhatsApp application.

The WhatsApp desktop version can only make personal calls for now.

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