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The power of Minecraft: The player has a working virtual processor with display built into his world

Imagine a computer game in which there is a virtual world. You could move where you want, explore, use tools, and build anything you can think of. For example, a steampunk version of an 8-bit 1 Hz processor with 256 bytes of RAM, which can be virtually connected to an equally virtual display of 32 by 32 pixels. That’s exactly what happened with Minecraft.

Chungus 2 Minecraft processor with display and snakeGame. Photo credit: Yaoutube / Sammyuri.

Today’s computer chips are so tiny and complex that we sometimes forget the real physical processes that make them work. And these processes can be successfully imitated in virtual worlds such as the popular and extremely inspiring world of Minecraft. The largest and most complex Chungus 2 processor was recently created there, which is virtual, but works like “flesh and bone”.

It is possible to come across negatives in Minecraft. Photo credit: Mojang / Wikimedia Commons.

The creator of the Minecraft processor is a player known by the nickname “Sammyuri”. According to him, he spent seven months building a Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit (Chungus 2) processor that set in the world of Minecraft. He used materials and tools known from Minecraft so in theory anyone familiar with this remarkable game could do so.

This isn’t the first time someone has created a virtual processor in Minecraft. There are a number of similar projects. However, Chungus 2 appears to be the largest and most complex. It simulates an 8-bit processor with a frequency of 1 Hz and 256 bytes of RAM. Like previous, more humble virtual processors in Minecraft, Chungus 2 uses the physics of the game engine to mimic the structure of a real-world processor on a macroscopic scale. If each “block” in Minecraft corresponds to 1 meter of our world, then Chungus 2 is roughly the size of a skyscraper or an ocean liner.

Chungus 2 and Tetris.  Credit: Youtube / Sammyuri.

Chungus 2 and Tetris. Credit: Youtube / Sammyuri.

Minecraft Chungus 2 can be “connected” to an equally virtual display with 32 by 32 pixels, as well as to a “controller” that a human Minecraft player manipulates by jumping on virtual “buttons”. This allows you to play classic retro 2D games such as Tetris or Snake with the Chungus 2 processor or operate it as a graphics calculator. These programs are created in the form of virtual “plug-ins” that would correspond to the size of a freight train in our world. A Minecraft player can virtually “plug” them into the Chungus 2 processor and play.

This project is an amazing practical application of computer science. It obviously has considerable educational and popularizing value, and it literally embodies the basic principles of processor operation. According to PCWorld’s Michael Crider, we’ll wait a few more years and maybe a Minecraft processor powerful enough to run all of Minecraft will show up. And the universe could implode into another incomprehensible singularity right now.

Video: CHUNGUS 2 – A very powerful 1 Hz Minecraft CPU

CHUNGUS 2 - A very powerful 1Hz Minecraft CPU


PCWelt 15. 12. 2021.



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