NEWS VIDEO WITH astronomers find hot planets 1,482 degrees Celsius, 1 year only 8 hours – nach Welt

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – for Astronomer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) discovered a very hot planet, the year of which is only eight hours.

This planet is also exceptional because it is one of the lightest planets ever found outside the solar system.

The planet, named GJ 367b, is located 31 light years from the Sun and is an example of an ultra-short period planet.

GJ 367b is so close to its star GJ 376 that it receives 500 times more radiation than Earth from the sun.

GJ 367b is also tide-locked, which means that one side of the planet is constantly facing its star or is constantly experiencing daylight.

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This results in a daytime temperature of around 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit (1,482 degrees Celsius).

At these extreme temperatures, the planet GJ 367b also seems to have lost its atmosphere long ago, according to a Newsweek report from Friday (March 12th, 2021).

Due to their relatively close proximity to Earth compared to other ultra-short term planets, Para Astronomer found the surface of GJ 367b to be rocky with a solid core of iron and nickel.

This core extends through almost 90 percent of the interior of the planet, similar to the core of Mercury.

“We found a planet the size of Mars, the composition of Mercury,” said Roland Vanderspek, senior scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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