Malaysian MH370 plane allegedly crashed in Cambodian forest, appears in satellite image – archyde

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370 still remains a mystery. Various speculations developed about the disappearance of the plane that had flown from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China).

The latest admission is from Andre Milne. He and his team at Unicorn Aerospace believe they have almost solved the puzzle. According to the investigation, he found satellite images of the MH370 aircraft in the Cambodian jungle.

He told that he compared the picture to his contacts in the U.S. Pentagon and the White House. Originally, he wanted to start a helicopter reconnaissance mission early next year.

The final communique of the crew of the Malaysia Airlines MH370 was recorded over the South China Sea approximately 38 minutes after take-off. Shortly afterwards, air traffic controllers lost track of the aircraft, but could still be followed by military radar for about an hour.

Radar data showed the plane deviated from its planned route and disappeared about 200 nautical miles northwest of the Malaysian island of Penang.

Andre Milne believes the plane may have crashed over Cambodia, which is in northeastern Malaysia between Thailand and Vietnam. That allegation comes after some evidence emerged showing that the missing plane was last pinged across the country. The information was initially ignored.

According to Milne, he sent two teams to Cambodia. After months of planning, they went into the Cambodian jungle and identified the crash site. “The place can hardly be reached on foot. ” he said.

The only way to get to the Malaysian Arilines crash site now, Milne said, is through helicopter reconnaissance. He will also enlist the help of teams from China, Russia, and the United States for remote sensing.

“I remember that the last signal that was actually received from MH370 to Malaysian Operations Control was actually from Cambodia. The signal was falsely ignored because Inmarsat’s alleged data from the southern Indian Ocean were believed to be more reliable. We all now know how the search mission for MH370 ended, but it failed miserably. “

According to investigators, shared satellite images show the before and after locations of flight MH370’s disappearance. He believed the images, by comparison, would reveal something in the forest.

Other shared images, such as the 1: 1 scale layout of the Boeing 777. The picture corresponds to the scale of the Malaysia flight MH370.

So far a number of speculations have emerged, including airplanes Malaysia airline fall into the sea. Parts of the plane wreck were found along the coast in the region, suggesting the plane may not have crashed on hard ground. Reports from 2018 suggested the possibility of third party interference in the plane’s disappearance.

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