Listen – ZeBrene releases a new song together with Andris Freidenfelds, Aija Andrejevs and Kato

Nothing is hidden in this song, everything is as it sounds, it is about the great wishes and hopes of all of us – about the commitment we make to what we want to achieve in the new year, say the creators of the composition.

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“Everyone is working all the time for something very hard to get there in the new year, but for the most part everything stays the same as before. Everything is very simple. This song was made for me a year ago when I was thinking about what a huge engagement it was a few days before New Years Eve and, naturally, when I thought about it, the song came about. With humor, of course, but in the end and actually – we experience that anew every year, ”says songwriter ZeBrene.

“Turn of the Year” is not the usual duo you see and hear the mysterious musician ZeBrene with. This time, four great words of Latvian music were agreed in the song, who not only sang it, but everyone did their creative work to make the composition exactly as it is heard today. In that song I wanted to use humor to appeal to someone who’s still into “You”. When I thought about it, it became clear – who better associates it with local music, if not Andris Freidenfelds? Planned – done! It is a great pleasure that Andris has agreed to this collaboration and has also taken part in the writing of his article. We didn’t make a mistake! We wanted a picture of the song in Snoop Dogg’s last article, but it came out James Bond style, ”explains ZeBrene.

“The word ‘nothing’ has haunted me for several years. It was introduced in the song “Phrases” by “L.Tipa” and now again … But seriously, I really enjoyed joining this motley company. And it was “something”! I hope to be with “something” in the future, ”says Freidenfelds.
The song also has a fun and interesting video. “It’s a video with texts, but with all our involvement – we are like animated faces and we feel like a rascal. Simply because we can be associated with it. We’re a singer’s cocktail – Rasol ingredients, but this song is like mayonnaise that unites them all, ”explains ZeBrene.

Together with the song, the quartet wishes the listeners: “May all obligations be fulfilled! It must be remembered that when something goes wrong, it is not the attitude to engagement that needs to be changed, but the engagement to adapt to one’s abilities! “

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