Jamie Spears demands money from Britney Spears | Stars – to the world

Britney was in bankruptcy administration for nearly fourteen years and her father Jamie was her manager. Earlier this year, the singer gave an emotional testimony in which she stated that she had wanted to get out of the administration for a long time, but never got that chance. The judge then gave her permission to have her own lawyer, and supervision ended immediately last month. The official transfer doesn’t take place until January, however, and Jamie Spears wants his daughter to pay his lawyer, who is charging $ 1,200 an hour by then.

Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart was furious. “Mr. Spears has made millions as trustee of Britney and paid millions more to his attorneys, all from Britney’s hard-earned money. The administration has ended and Mr. Spears has been dishonorably suspended, ”said the defense attorney diversity. “In the circumstances, his petition is not only legally useless but also a shame. A father who loves his daughter does not do that. “


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